What is the Browning Coding Club?


The Browning Coding Club is a student-run club that soley runs on the passion and heart of the individuals that are a part of it. Departing from its past of being a club based on video game design, this club focuses on a broader application of our coding skills. The main issue with previous iterations of the club was direction. What should we do? How do we do it? The most organisation the club had in the past was a melee tournament. No one was taking the club seriously, and it showed. However, four-wise men saw potential in the club. Four-wise men that had the drive to do something about it. They wanted to take the remnants of the club and sculpt it into something new, something beautiful. The one redeeming factor of the original VGDC was its sense of community, it felt down-to-earth due to it being human run and its lackadasical nature. The four wise men wanted to take these feelings of genuity and flippancy and combine it with productive and helpful work, creating an enjoyable and fufilling club experience.

And thus the Browning Coding Club was created.

The Four Wise Men:

Alfonso Laffont


This guy is not only a coding genius, but always fun to have around. Alfonso's behind the centerpiece of many of the centerpiece attractions of the BCC.

Maximilian Motz

The designer of this fabulous website and all the text on it. Nothing can hold back the bombacity and enthusiasm of this swood dude.

Alexander Motz

The anime-loving, nintendo fan of the BCC. Primary creator and distributor of memes in the club.

Dr. Wiz

The objectively best club advisor. He doesn't do too much on the coding side of things, but he is the sole reason the club can run as freely and flexibily as it does.